15 years of the life changing days and everyday moments

PhotoBox is 15 years old! Since the year 2000 you’ve shared your everyday moments and the life changing days with us. Together we’ve celebrated 32 million birthdays and tens of millions of memories. To mark the occasion, we wanted to look back with you over the past 15 years and forward to some of things to come in the very near future.

Our History

15 years of everyday and life changing moments


The beginning...

On a family trip in 1999, Graham Hobson had the realisation that there was no easy way to get his hands on all of the fantastic photos he was taking of his kids on his new digital camera (he’s always been a techie!) Graham teamed up with long time colleague and friend Mark Chapman, and together, they came up with the idea for PhotoBox. It was a crazy idea, especially when you consider that Graham already had a successful financial IT career, not to mention that digital cameras were still not mainstream and broadband was hardly available.

Mark and Graham got the ball rolling with their very first order of £2.74! The two founders were doing everything; marketing, web design and even printing, packaging and posting every single order (they even got their family’s help when it got really busy).


It's getting serious...

In 2003, Graham and Mark took another leap of faith by moving into their first “proper” factory in Park Royal. It was a huge moment for PhotoBox and has let us build what we are today. We now have a production space of 55,000 sq ft in Willen Field Road.


Beyond photo prints...

PhotoBox was founded on the idea of printing photos online and up until 2004, that’s what we did, and we’d like to think we did a pretty good job too! It was in 2004 that we went beyond the photo print and created our very first photo book, a 26-page spiral book (did you have one?).


A new chapter...

2006 was a big year for us, we merged with a likeminded Paris based company called Photoways and in a moment, our numbers nearly doubled from 60 employees to 100 and we quickly became very well acquainted with the Eurostar!


PhotoBox goes international...

Although we’ve always been happy to send our products anywhere in the world, in 2007 we went truly international when we launched a PhotoBox website in Germany. Since then, we’ve made PhotoBox available in 20 countries.


From the Earth to the Moon...

Each year, we print your photos by the million, but can you believe that since 2007 we’ve printed enough photos to go from the earth, to the moon… and back again!


The PhotoBox community...

In 2008 we launched our blog and got with the times by joining Facebook. Over the past 7 years, we’ve grown to a community of over 500,000 fans on Facebook. Come and join us if you haven’t already!


From humble beginnings...

We launched with the fundamental idea of bringing people closer to their photos. We started with photo prints and from there, we’ve grown to over 600 products, from calendars and photo mugs to canvases a photo books, all the way to our smartphone cases, photo cushions and our brand new Polaroid Style Prints.


1 billion… with a B

In 2010 we hit a huge milestone, we reached 1 billion photos of our customers stored on our servers. That may not seem like many now that we’re closer to 8 billion, but let us tell you, at the time it was a real milestone!


World’s largest photo book...

For our 10th Birthday, we celebrated in style by creating the world’s largest photo book exhibition at the Truman Gallery, crammed with more than 30,000 customer photos from our “Around the World in 80 Days” photo challenge. With 14ft x 20ft pages, it was nearly the size of a double decker bus!


Getting mobile...

In 2011 we made the giant leap and launched our very first iPhone app! Just a few years later and we’ve made multiple iPhone, iPad and Android apps to make creating products even easier.


Face Britain...

In 2011 we were delighted to power the fantastic Face Britain project. Face Britain was a unique project created by The Prince's Foundation for Children & the Arts to celebrate HM the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games through the creativity of the country's youth. With over 230,000 self-portraits, we helped create a giant picture of the Queen on Buckingham Palace!


Hello, Moonpig!

One of the biggest things to happen to us in 2011 was that we got an adopted sister; we joined forces with the wonderful Moonpig to create the PhotoBox Group. This was the start of big things for us and now we are just one of six brands within our family.


The importance of a good telephone manner…

Customer service has always been at the heart of what we do, one of the founding principles of PhotoBox was to create a service that we would be happy to recommend to our own family and friends. In 2012 we were recognised by the ICMI and included in their top 50 Call Centre list, one of our biggest customer service achievements so far.


Small screen debut...

We got bold and tried our luck with TV adverts. Our very first ad went live towards the end of 2012 in the UK and we’ve never looked back. We now have TV ads in 9 countries and we’re constantly working to do more!


Stop it. You’re making us blush!

In 2013 we won “Best E-Retailer” & “Best Social Pioneers” in the Top 50 Companies for Customer Service, as well as the A&B Digital Partnership Award.


Our photo book is 10...

In 2014 our photo books turned 10 (they grow up so fast!) and we launched a special 2014 edition to celebrate. It was meant as a one off, but it was so popular, we’ve got a few more in the pipeline… watch this space 2015.


It's no small matter...

On our busiest day in 2014, we produced so many mugs that if you stacked them one on top of the other they would be 6x the height of The Shard!


National Gallery...

Towards the end of 2014 we were making over 11,000 canvases a day! Did you know that it’s enough to fill the National Gallery 5 times a day?


A new home in Southwark...

In 2015 we moved house. Paddington had been our home since 2008 and when we moved in we had 32 team members there. By the end of 2014 we were up to a whopping 85, as you can imagine, it was getting cosy…

We moved into a lovely, fully refurbished, 19,000 sq ft space in Southwark with our fantastic Sticky9, PaperShaker and Moonpig teams.


And to finish off…

This has all been made possible by you.



15 years of innovation


1 book, 1 story, 1 colour

This year, we decided to give one of our best sellers - the photo book - a special Pantone makeover. With eight colours to choose from, you can bring your most beautiful stories to life with more colour than ever. Choose the colour that suits your story - from Tomato Red for your wildest adventure holiday, or Aquarelle Blue for your baby’s first year photos.

PhotoBox marks 15 years of photo prints with a new Polaroid® collaboration

Print your best shots in the world famous Polaroid® style with our brand new Polaroid® prints and give your photos that vintage look.

PhotoBox is 15 in 2015!

What are your favourite moments of 2015 so far? Discover our new 2015 photo book and tell the story of your year.


15 years through your eyes


The Photo Book Aficionado

I began using PhotoBox roughly 7 years ago when I wanted to somehow showcase my photos from my first safari. I knew I didn’t want the photos to just simply remain on my computer but also didn’t want to print each out individually as I probably wouldn’t look through them again. So I looked online and saw the idea of a photo book.

As this was going to be a holiday of a lifetime, I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing. So I tentatively started out with a small photo book of a family event and was blown away with the quality. Since then I have ordered a photo book after every holiday I’ve been on and the quality has never diminished. I also now create a photo book each year for each of my nephews to show them growing up, it’s become a bit of a birthday ritual now. On the rare occasion I have had an issue with an order I have found that the customer service I have received has been excellent and PhotoBox has always managed to solve the problem quickly and without a fuss.

Each year I now also order calendars, diaries and greetings cards and these have always been of an amazing quality, to the point that I have not had it in me to throw the old diary or calendar away at the end of the year. I’m building up quite a collection now.

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Never without her camera!

I found PhotoBox around 7 years ago when I started to get more into photography. From the start I have always received fab customer service and quality products. In my eyes the measure of a company is not that they never get anything wrong, but when they do get it wrong the way they deal with it wonderfully, this is one of their greatest strengths. My favourite product must be photo books, I really love to do a yearly photo book with PhotoBox so we get all those fabulous memories printed and can get them out to look at them when we like. Thank you PhotoBox!

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Family Favourites

A friend who is also an avid photographer told me about PhotoBox years ago and that was the beginning of a lot of orders! My favourite product is the canvases, which now adorn walls all over our house and have also been made to give as presents. The obsession with canvases has been passed on to my daughter now too, who also loves taking photos and was so proud when I printed one of her pictures onto a canvas for her - it has pride of place on her bedroom wall. All the canvases tell a story of a holiday, a special place or event and make a great lasting memory which we see every day.

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Moments to keep, year after year

My husband makes me an A5 photo diary every year since the children were born. He puts photos from the year before in the correct place for the year, so I can see what they were doing one year ago that week! It’s perfect not only do I receive a lot of compliments; I keep every single diary, as they are also perfect mementos of the children growing up.


Weddings, holidays and everyday memories

PhotoBox is fantastic! I love it how over the years I have been using them their product range has slowly increased to some fantastic new ideas. With the world of digital photography, it is so easy to forget about and lose photos on memory cards but with a photo book the memories can all stay together forever more. We try to do a photo book every holiday and the quality of the photo books from PhotoBox have never let me down. I also love the new acrylic wall arts that they now do; the one I just got of our wedding looks fab.

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25 years of friendship preserved in 1 photo book

I used PhotoBox to make a photo book of memories for my best friend. 25 years worth of wonderful adventures & she loved it! It made her cry! Thank you.


Passionate about capturing everyday moments

Taking photos is without doubt one of the most important things to me. I can easily take around 10 a day of my children! I was conscious though of slipping into the habit of just leaving them on laptop so instead I am very strict about photo books and I adore them! They document everything! I love the fact that they are totally unique to you, backgrounds, layouts, and extra icons here and there. Family etc. aside they are my most prized possession! Friends/family ask to be updated on the photo books when they come to visit!

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Devoted to documenting her little girl grow

I have hundreds of photos of my little girl and every year I get loads of photos printed from PhotoBox so we can have a whole photo album for each year. I started when she was born and I plan on doing this until she turns 18 so I can keep a visual record of her growing up. Couldn't do it without PhotoBox.

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Keeping travel memories as fresh as the first time round

During my gap year, I made it my mission to travel somewhere new each month. At the end of every month, I ordered through PhotoBox all the pictures of that month travel to complete another chapter of the massive travel scrapbook I created. So many beautiful memories of new friends and what felt like completely new and different worlds I had taken in, all frozen in time for me to remember. Every time a PhotoBox order arrived it would be like re-living that trip again. Belize was my all time favourite and takes up 4 pages of my scrap book, along with many extra pictures ordered to put in frames around my room. PhotoBox allowed me to preserve my memories as fresh and colourful as the day I made them! So thank you!


40 photo books and counting...

I started using PhotoBox nearly 10 years ago with a photo book of my brother-in-laws wedding. Now I have a collection of over 40 photo books, of different styles and I still get at least 1 every year to display my family memories in, I love them and am often complemented on them when I show them to family and friends.

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A treasured family tradition

Every year my hubby gives our daughter and myself a photo book from you as a gift; he gives it to us every year on the day that our Christmas decorations go up and in it are all the treasured pics from the previous Christmas - he has done this right from our daughters first Christmas and it never fails to be special!

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As a stay at home mum, I'm always looking to reclaim a piece of "me"... Photography is the perfect outlet. I take photos all the time, of all the things we do, the places we visit and those snapshots of time. My husband jokes the camera is my extra limb.

Each year I make a 100 page photo book, and the whole extended family gather and pore over it... The photo books have their own shelf on the bookcase!!!

Creating them is the perfect way to celebrate the past year, whilst the rain pores down on a bleak January weekend.

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A Big Thank You

15 years thanks to you