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They kept you going through every test, homework challenge and weird bit of algebra. Now it's time to say thank you with a gift for teachers that they'll never forget. Discover our range of unique teacher gifts for you to personalise with photos of the class and a personal message to say 'we'll miss you!'.

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Mouse Mat

The real teacher's pet

When it comes to being teacher's pet, no one can beat the real thing. Find a photo of when they brought their dog into school or from pet day to go on a Personalised Mouse Mat. If they don't have a pet, use a photo of their favourite animal instead to add a bit of extra pawsitivity to their desk.

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Pencil Case

Give them a break

Gift them the holiday of their dreams with a Personalised Pencil Case. Sure, it's for carrying their pens and pencils, but add a photo of a tropical destination to the cover and it's an instant getaway. Where's teacher? Too busy gazing into the oasis during break time!

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A gift for key-ps

They find it impossible to hold onto their keys, so give them a gift they'll never want to let go of. Add a funny photo taken with the class for an end of year teacher gift, or how about a quote from their favourite author/academic to help inspire them throughout the day.

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How can I make unique teacher gifts?


Make them practical

Their school day is usually chock-a-block (but your teacher gift is sure to make their day), so why not give them something that gives them a little helping hand as well? If they're never without their morning coffee, give them a Photo Mug. If they're always borrowing (and losing!) pens, give them a Personalised Pencil Case to keep them organised. A gift for teachers that's both practical and personal is sure to lift their spirits whenever they look at it and if they can use it day-to-day, they'll never forget their no.1 pupil.

Desk Calendar

Make them personal

Let's be real, the best gifts for teachers from students are the ones that have a touch of sentiment in them. You could just get them a generic teacher gift like a new calendar, or you could create their own Personalised Desk Calendar using photos of the class. We know which one we'd prefer. Choose end of year photos, 'muck up' days, school outings and round off the year with a 'Class of...' photo to make them proud. Adding meaningful photos is an instant level up on any teacher gift idea and is sure to earn you some extra brownie points.

Photo Book

Make them unforgettable

Whether you're looking for high school or nursery teacher gift ideas, they deserve something that's worth keeping for years to come. After all, they've been there every day making maths fun (which isn't easy at all...).This is your chance to show them how much you appreciate all they've done (and that they've really made an impact), so whatever you choose, make sure it's a forget-me-not teacher gift. Anything with a personal thank you message, class photo or series of snaps from school trips is sure to be something they'll always treasure.

Photo Gifts

Photo Gifts

Looking for more gifts to make their day? Discover our Photo Gifts range.

Why are personalised gifts for teachers the best?


If you're thinking of getting your teacher a gift, the odds are they've really gone the extra mile since day one of class. Great teacher gifts are the ones that say thank you, but the best gifts for teachers from students are the ones with a little extra personality that really show your appreciation for all they've done. After all, something with a bit more of a 'homemade' edge always stand out from the rest, right? Combine this self-made style with our premium quality and you've got our range of unique teacher gifts.

No matter what kind of teacher you're shopping for, you can tailor your teacher gift to them with your own photos and designs. Looking for PE teacher gift ideas? No problem. Just seek out some snaps from sports days for a Personalised Photo Diary that they can write all their match dates in! Or if you're on the hunt for a gift for music teachers then why not add some photos from their school concert to a Personalised Exercise Book? It'll be perfect for inspiring them to jot down some lyrics or music notes on the go. If you want to make a more lasting impression with a 'forget-me-not' teacher gift, then choose our A4 Year Photo Books. This is a premium gift that's perfect if you've got a large collection of school photos that you want to share with your teacher. Its cut-out date cover will make sure they never forget the 'class of...' and will earn a permanent place on their shelf.

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